Compressor-condenser units
Minimal sound pressure level
55 dB(A)
Absorbet power (Cooling)
2.7 W
Cooling capacity
7.1 kW
Power supply
1 phase, 230 V, 50 Hz
Maximal length
20 m
Maximal working temperature (Heating)
46 °С
Sound pressure level (outdoor)
55 dB(А)
Refrigirant weight R410a (more 5 m)
1.35 g
Operating dimensions outdoor (H х W х H)
702х916×360 mm
Transporting dimensions outdoor (H х W х H)
755х965×420 mm
Operating weight outdoor
48.5 kg
Transporting weight outdoor
52 kg
Maximal absorbet current
18 A
Maximum difference in altitude between CCU and evaporator (CCU below or above)
10 m
Number of circuits