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of Comfort
Innovative Energy
of Comfort
Implementing the most advanced
developments in equipment,
we contribute to the progress movement.

Every day we make a new step into the future by reducing energy consumption, endowing the devices with the most complete range of functions and intuitive interface, remote control and a unique design.


Environmental safety of Energolux equipment is one of the main priorities of our company.

Great attention is paid to the careful attitude to energy resources when creating the technology. Environmental safety of production is confirmed by certificates of compliance with ISO 14001. In production, environmentally friendly materials and energy-efficient technologies are used. In air-conditioning systems, only ozone-friendly refrigerants are used. Almost all products produced under the brand name Energolux have the highest energy efficiency class A.


Unique Transformer-system does not have any analogues in the world, used in the development of convectors;

eco-biocomplex creates the correct microclimate during sports activities; full remote control via Wi-Fi and many other solutions make our equipment innovative and such convenient in use.

During development of the company's products, one of the main priorities is the health of our consumers. Therefore, we implement in our technique technologies that allow to maintain the correct indoor microclimate and to improve health. Among them are multi-stage air filtration system, a unique system of maintenance which balance humidity and temperature, a new category of HVAC equipment: eco-biocomplex, air-purifying multicomplex with functions of professional air purifier and ventilation and many other innovative solutions cares about the health of our consumers.
Annually Energolux invests
at least 5% of turnover in research
and development of technologies
allowing to create really high-quality modern equipment that meets all
requirements in the field of energy efficiency, security and reliability.
In addition to the test cases, we conduct regular Ad hoc-researches to
identify real users demands, which help us to concentrate
on the main thing – creating unique equipment for forming
and maintaining a comfortable microclimate.

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