Smart technologies

Energolux equipment is assembled by robots, monitored by machines and sampled by us. We hone our designs, perfect technologies and put every idea to the test.
In other words, we work hard to make ourselves envy you!

Energy efficiency

One third of the energy consumed in your apartment falls on various household appliances. Energolux engineers are aware of that and keep a close eye on latest developments saving every kilowatt possible.

Energolux is as thrifty as possible. And if we could do without electricity at all, we would.

Clear Technologies

We are well aware of the importance of a homely habitat. And we are capable of protecting it. All Energolux production lines use eco-friendly technologies and materials only, fitting all strict international standards.

The production is certified in accordance with the international eco-management and quality system ISO 14 000 and ISO 9 000-2015.

Smart Wi-Fi Technology

Energolux «Smart Home» is an intellectual habitat, taking care of your comfort. Now available in one touch.

SMART Wi-Fi technology binds home climate systems to the branded App on your smartphone and grants access from any place in the world. Custom scenarios unite all your devices into a single climate network and create a comfortable environment in your house 24/7. SMART Wi-Fi is integrated into all our latest products, and our App is powered by iOS and Android.

Smart Eye Technology

Your house is aware of you! The Smart Eye motion sensors maintain comfortable climate while you stay at home, and automatically go standby to save energy, when you leave. Let your house take care of both comfort and your budget, and our appliances will serve you better and longer than ever.

DC Inverter Technology

Smooth start and fine power tuning equals efficiency and economy. DC Inverter technology does not overload the circuit and exhibits truly Swiss frugality in everything from energy to device life time.

Our systems are able to achieve maximum efficiency with minimal costs.